Meeting Minutes

Sat June 5

11 am at City Park
Present: Anne Marie, Maura, Cecily, Marna, Tara

At the start of the meeting Anne Marie suggested we need an administrator, someone to keep us organized with regards to what's going on. Cecily volunteered to get us on that path by adding meetings to the website calendar and sending meeting reminders (automated if possible), and using the website to document minutes and projects.

Meeting Time & Place

We discussed needing meetings to be more concrete with regards to location and decided that Thursday evenings should always be at Anne Marie's house.
Although Jenn's last email with meeting notes (June 4) stated that moving forward Thu evening meetings would start at 7 pm, Tara, Cecily, and Maura (who were also present at the last meeting) could not remember this being agreed upon by everyone.

Tara reminded us that previously we discussed having a consensus for decisions like this and those of us present today said we would prefer to continue meeting at 6 pm. We also agreed having a consistent location for Thursdays evening meetings would be good, to help us all stay on schedule.

Anne Marie offered her house and Tara suggested that would work well since we could also work on the community garden there. This also works well for Maura, because it's more convenient for her to bike there.

Since we would like this to be agreeable to everyone, Jenn, Shari, Anne, please could you reply to this email to say whether it works for you to keep the Thu meeting time at 6 pm and to hold it at Anne Marie's. To keep things rolling, if we don't hear back from you by next weekend we'll presume you're in agreement.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be at Anne Marie's on Thu June 17th at 6 pm (if we are all in agreement about this). Bring starts and/or seeds for the community garden. People can stay afterwards if they are able to help get started on the garden.

N.B. Cecily is out of town Jul 22 - Aug 15. Tara will be out of town on and off through August and September.

Current Projects

GIS Maps of local food producers, composting locations, etc.: commencing in the fall, being managed by one of Anne Marie's students.

Food Forest: still thinking about potential locations, no immediate action items but keeping it top of mind.

Designated Community Marketplace: Tara is composing a letter to the owners of the land where Sprouting Up is located. We discussed Rekaivery, a group that is doing something similar, which may make our plans redundant/unnecessary.

Next Moves - City of Fort Collins: Maura, Marna, Shari (? nominated by Maura) will head this sub-committee creating a relationship with the City and presenting a proposal on something we want to change (TBD). Here are links to Next Moves press release and PDF of the 2 year tactical plan.

Film Fest: Jennifer was going to check with Avogadro's about having the movies there. Tara suggested King Corn would be a good movie to kick things off, and said we could preview it together at her house sometime soon. Plan is to have one movie a month, maybe for 12 months, maybe ongoing. Kiss The Ground is coming up at The Lyric. We should promote it through the website and via email lists.

List of movies being considered:
Perennial Vegetable Gardening
King Corn
Kiss The Ground
Fantastic Fungi
Forks Over Knives
Sea Quester
The Accidental Eden
From Seed To Seed
Before The Plate
Well Fed
Fed Up
The Pollinators
A Place At The Table
In Our Hands
Kate Vs Cow
Plant This Movie
Of The Land
The Biggest Little Farm

Community Bloggers: Anne Marie is going to reach out to local people to start organizing guest blog posts for the website, e.g. the people behind Rekaivery.

Community Garden: At Anne Marie's. Maura suggested this could be a way to get a GLEAN community cluster started, to test things out.

Non-profit Status: Maura said this is progressing well under the umbrella of NCALF.