About NoCo GLEAN

MIssion Statement: Fostering a network of home growers and home producers to share skills, knowledge, and resources to build a resilient and sustainable community.

Vision - Where our goals will take us:

We envision many small holdings (farms, gardens, and homesteads) connected, empowered, and represented to produce and craft climate-positive food and goods.
A commons of shared knowledge and resources
A goat herd spread across many homesteads
A community cottage kitchen

Network building/Communication/Outreach - build network
Identify clusters
Neighborhood outreach/events
Newsletter - email and social media platforms
Determine how to reach those who would benefit?
Address challenges of ignorance and individualism
Food Buyer Club

Develop workshops
Create and maintain demonstration garden - food forest
Host farm suppers for the 99%
Collaborate and link with other organizations offering education

Support, guide,and initiate policies that nurture the clusters
i.e. city and county climate resiliency plans, urban farming and livestock regulations, water policy, and public food gardens, market space

Decision Making Process
We will make decisions by consensus
Consensus is a way of reaching an agreement between ALL members of a group. Instead of voting and having the majority decide, a group using consensus is committed to listening to those who disagree and finding solutions that everyone can support.
Topics requiring decisions will be discussed at a meeting and the discussion will continue via email before coming to a decision.
Consensus decision will occur via zoom meeting so that everyone can participate.

Steering Committee
Provide information, education, inspiration, resources, and communication across the network, while advocating for the needed freedom and support from local government and organizations.


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